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Your data is the core of your business...put IT in our Vault.


Big Water's bigVault

bigVault is an automated data backup and restore system providing powerful tools to protect your organization's data. Unlike traditional data protection solutions, bigVault does not require any human assistance beyond the initial installation and setup. bigVault is highly secure and only you have access to your data. bigVault protects you from silent data corruption and it is simple, safe, and secure!

What Do You Get With bigVault?

Professional Support: Our team of professional technicians proactively monitors your account to make sure you have a successful backup every time!


Extreme Reliability: We built our software expecting things to fail, and to minimize the time it takes to recover. For example, if your Internet connection is down for four hours during the night while your ISP does maintenance – no problem. bigVault automatically recovers, even if it is in the middle of a 20GB file. This minimizes backup times and potential errors.


Superior Data Integrity: We not only provide information confidentiality (through encryption), we also provide data integrity, authenticity, non-repudiation (proof of the integrity and origin of your data), HIPPA and SOX compliant secure backups.

Unified Local and Remote Backups: Perform encrypted local backups to external hard drives or aggregate local backups to any NAS or SAN with just a couple of extra clicks. You can backup more
data locally than you do remotely if you choose to do so. bigVault can even be used solely for local only backups if you are not ready for remote backups. Local backups enjoy all features of remote backups, including reverse blocklevel
deltas, and unlimited historical versioning.


Exchange Backup Services: Meet legal compliance requirements, optimize Exchange server performance, and provide easy message restores within Outlook for all of your email. Our technology allows you to take old or large content out of your Exchange backups. All emails, contacts, appointments, etc., are readily available for restoring in the case of accidental deletion or corruption.

Install a bigVault client software application on your computer to manage all of your data protection and restoration. After you easily identify what data you want to protect, bigVault encrypts and compresses this data and then transfers a master copy to our data center. Our easy to use system lets you decide how often to backup and how many previous versions of your data to keep. Since only the changes of your data are stored, very small amounts of storage are used to maintain many versions. You can even ask bigVault to help you when data is destroyed by mistake. bigVault will maintain copies of files you have deleted for the period of time you determine,
 preventing accidental deletions.