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Managed I.T. - You focus on your business, we focus on your technology.


Managed IT Services

bigView offers proactive management of technology assets on a subscription basis. Unlike traditional management methodologies, bigView is not a product, but a service based specifically on your organization's requirements. bigView is a highly secure and highly effective way for us to handle your technology, so you can focus on your business.

What Do You Get With bigView?

Cost Effective: You can outsource the entire support of your network for a flat fee, including: monitoring, unlimited helpdesk hours, antivirus software, antispam service, email archival and more.


Makes You More Productive: Big Water Technologies charges a flat fee for services rendered. This means that your company, firm, or enterprise, will be more productive because it is in
Big Water Technologies best interest to keep the network fully operational.


Better Value for Your Money: Big Water Technologies can bundle many other services into bigView. Our system can also monitor antivirus software, backups, and scheduled maintenance.

Better Than an In-house I.T. Manager: Unlike an internal I.T. manager, bigView does not take days off or need to attend expensive training classes. bigView also doesn't require any dedicated software or hardware resources and can cost about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of a full time internal resource.


Better Than a One-man Band: As with the in-house I.T. manager, why would you put something as crucial as your business network in the hands of one person? bigView is backed by Big Water Technologies entire team of technicians and network engineers. Start capitalizing on our wide-range of experience and skills to ensure all your technology needs are met.

Big Water Technologies will evaluate your network, and based on the results, we will offer solutions which include getting your network to a manageable state and a monthly recurring charge to provide ongoing management and maintenance. We will install software on the technology you want to be managed. This software collects all information related to the health of your network and sends us information whenever there is a technical problem at your office. Over 90% of the time we are able to fix the problem remotely, otherwise; we send one of our I.T. technicians to your site to fix it. bigView's capabilities will allow us to detect and correct potential problems before they become a costly issue.