Introducing BigCloud:
Your Simple & Secure Managed Cloud Solution.

BigCloud Managed Cloud is a secure, HIPAA & PCI compliant, cloud server. Whether you’re required to follow compliance guidelines or not – protecting your data is incredibly important. One ransomware attack or other breaches can be costly or even ruin a business. Our BigCloud Server is highly secure protecting your most valuable and critical data, applications, and business processes.

Extremey Reliabile: BigCloud is extremely reliable – why? Because of the built-in redundancies from geographically distributed Data Centers with high availability and a rock-solid high-speed fiber-optic network. What does that mean for you? It means that your system will always work.

Scale with Ease: from small businesses to the largest enterprise – BigCloud can easily deploy new computer resources, making scaling easy.

Simple, Affordable Pricing: We don’t charge complicated fees or split costs between 50 line items. We charge a simple, per-user price based on the features you need. To get a quote, call 248-586-2150 today to schedule a consultation.

Dedicated, Professional Support: Our professional team of cloud network engineers and tech specialists are proactively monitoring your system. The Big Water Tech Team will ensure that your organization is on-line and protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.