A BIG Difference in Managed IT Services

bigView’s Managed IT is More Cost-Effective: Outsource your network and tech support for a flat fee and keep your IT simple. bigView includes monitoring, unlimited helpdesk hours, antivirus and malware service, email management, security, data back-up, and more. Additionally, we can bundle many other functions into bigView for more significant cost savings. Our system monitors antivirus software, backups, and scheduled server and application maintenance, for disaster recovery check out our bigVault.

Facilitates Productivity: With bigView Managed IT, you pay a flat, monthly fee and you are entirely covered. We keep your network fully operational round-the-clock, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Improved IT Support: bigView Managed IT doesn’t require you to buy any dedicated software or hardware resources and often costs 30 to 60% less than full-time internal support. Unlike the in house one person “IT GUY,” bigView is backed by Big Water Technologies entire team of technicians and network engineers. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and never take a vacation or call in sick. Start capitalizing on our wide-range of experience and skills to ensure that we meet all your technology needs.

We will proactively monitor your system, stopping problems before they begin. More than 95% of the time, we can fix any issues that do arise remotely. When necessary; we send expertly trained technicians to your location to fix the problem. bigView’s capabilities allow us to detect and correct potential issues before they become a more costly issue. Big Water will also manage your other vendors as part of the service. You are no more dealing with the copier, HVAC, security, voice or internet vendor blaming it on you. We will manage those vendor relationships for you.

Big Water Technologies will evaluate your computers and network on an on-going basis, and based on the results we find; we will then offer solutions which include improving your system, upgrading your computers, and adding products or services to enhance your productivity, all in a way that the expenses can be budgeted for appropriately.