Managed Security You Can Count On.

BigProtect Managed Security keeps data security simple. Our management program is exceptionally secure and controls all access both into and out of your company’s network while guarding against intrusion and attacks from the outside world. BigProtect also provides real-time and historical reporting capabilities about what’s happening within your system.

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Extreme Reliability: We built our managed security platform from decades of combined experience in the field of network security. BigProtect is designed to adapt and overcome any issue that a company faces in this arena. For example, if your network comes under attack from a hacker, BigProtect will identify the source of the attacks and block any incoming traffic from the hacker.

Careful Compliance With Regulations: With data compliance laws growing more complex, organizations can find it tough to ensure their network meets all regulations. Our systems offer both HIPPA and SOX compliance, and we are HIPPA compliant. Add to that BigProtect’s robust reporting capabilities, and suddenly security audits become “no sweat.”

Responsive Service: Need to make a change, or have any concerns? Our professional team of technicians is just a phone call away. They will assist you with everything from allowing new access to your network to making changes to your VPN connections or wireless AP controls. We will not transfer you to an overseas call center; all our technicians are familiar with each of our client’s network layouts. With BigProtect, you will always get a reliable technician who is familiar with your company’s configuration.

Dedicated, Professional Support: Our professional team of network engineers are proactively monitoring your system. We make sure your organization is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Big Water Technologies engineers will install our firewall, switches, and access points on your network and link it to our monitoring and management servers at our Network Operations Center (NOC). Our team will communicate with you to determine what connectivity your employees require to maximize their productivity. BigProtect controls all the traffic on your network only allowing connections you approve, further bolstering your security.

We are continually monitoring your network for any changes in traffic patterns or signs of attack. We can act in real-time to combat any potential intrusion before it becomes a threat to your network’s security. Our easy-to-use system takes the burden of network security away from your employees and enables your staff to focus on what’s important – their jobs. We can help you with security audits and compliance reports.